We currently offer In-person or Telehealth services.

Everyone has trials and challenges in life that can be hard to overcome. In some cases, they continue to impact our lives for years, especially if they are not addressed. They can lead to issues in relationships, careers, and the general ability to function optimally each day. Though everyone has their struggles and their ways of coping with them, therapy can play an integral role in everyone’s recovery.

Dr. Christopher Seavey of Naples, FL, is committed to improving mental health in Southwest Florida by providing the therapy residents need. He aims to help people overcome addictions, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, panic attacks and disorders, and many more challenges. He does this through services such as couples therapy, substance abuse therapy, family and marital therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), sex therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), general psychotherapy, counseling for adjustments, and more. 

Dr. Seavey also provides Critical Incident Debriefing, which is an approach utilized to help victims cope with traumatic experiences and learn how to move forward in a healthy manner. Additionally, as both a Certified Vocational Evaluator and a Florida Workers' Compensation Rehabilitation Provider in Naples, FL, Dr. Seavey has the training and commitment to help clients find the best type of employment for their unique physical, mental, or other needs, as well as their skills and preferences.

No matter what you might be facing – whether it began in childhood or last week, and whether it impacts a piece of your life or all of it – therapy is a healthy and beneficial way to move through it. You are more than the challenges in your life, and seeking help is an important step in healing and growing. Contact Dr. Seavey today to schedule your first appointment. He offers in-person sessions in Naples, FL, and online throughout Florida.

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If you are interested in therapy or would like more information, feel free to give me a call at 239-595-7775 .

Christopher Seavey, LMACPA