Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy In Naples, FL

Sex therapy is the application of therapeutic behavioral skills to deal with the problems of sexual function. A sex therapist recognizes that sexuality is of legitimate concern to clients and they have the right to expect expert knowledge when seeking remedies with sexual concerns. Sex Therapists and Clinical Sexologists focus their specialized skills to help individuals and/or couples to deal with their sexual concerns. The state of Florida mandates a specific certification to provide sex therapy. This certification is obtained after completion of 120 hours of continuing education focusing on issues of sexuality and sexual dysfunction as well as clinical supervision treating sexual dysfunctions.

Out of the increased knowledge of the physiology and psychology of human sexual behavior has come a new professional appreciation for human sexual response. At a time in our society when sexuality is being more openly discussed, we are beginning to realize how uninformed many people are about this important personal topic. The importance of sexual function for individuals can address issues such as premature ejaculation and hypo active sexual desire.

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