DOT/SAP Evaluations

DOT/SAP Evaluations

If you work in a job or career considered “safety sensitivity” by the DOT, you are held to strict substance abuse rules and regulations. Following these is vital, as not following them could be potentially fatal – to you and those on the road around you.

For example, if you are driving a bus full of children or a big truck on a busy highway, substance abuse issues could cause those children or other drivers to literally lose their lives. Such tragedies can be prevented by following the regulations set forth. If you violate these regulations, DOT evaluations must be performed by an SAP, like Dr. Christopher Seavey of Naples, FL.

DOT/SAP Evaluations

The evaluations are part of a return-to-duty process. They are performed by an SAP or Substance Abuse Professional. The goal is to ensure you are fit to return to your safety-sensitive position.

The process begins with meeting the Substance Abuse Professional face-to-face to discuss the issue at hand. This will result in the development of a treatment plan, the use of educational resources, and more.

In some cases, the Substance Abuse Professional may be a certified substance abuse therapist who can be with you step by step through the plan. This is the case with Dr. Seavey of Naples, FL.  In other cases, you’ll meet with external professionals.

Once a plan is developed, it will be shared with the employer and the Substance Abuse Professional will monitor your treatment and your progress. Once the treatment plan has been completed, you’ll receive another evaluation to ensure it has been successful.

If the Substance Abuse Professional feels that you are fit to return to duty, they’ll share this with the employer. Your employer may require an additional specimen test to ensure no further substance abuse has occurred before putting you back to work. If your test shows signs of substance abuse, you’ll be required to complete an additional evaluation and treatment program.

How Long Does the Process Take?

It depends on the employee’s specific needs and cooperation with the program. It may take less than a couple of weeks or several months.

Keep in mind that, even once treatment is completed, and you return to work, you will be tested at various times to ensure you are still in compliance with regulations. Any substance abuse during this testing period could result in additional treatment requirements or – in some cases – job loss.

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